MÜLLER, Herbert

MÜLLER, Herbert. Gumbinnen, Ostpreussen (now Russian Gusev) 29.8.1885 — Bonn 9.8.1966. German Sinologist, Lawyer, Journalist and Art Dealer. Dr.jur. 1909 Bonn, with Indian theme. Also studied Chinese. Employed by Berlin Völkerkundemuseum under F. W. K. Müller he was sent in 1912 to China to collect archaeological and ethnographical objects. He was back in Germany in 1914 and participated in WW I, but in 1924 returned to China. Worked as lawyer, journalist and art dealer. He is reputed to have spied both for Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and was imprisoned in 1947 by Americans for five years. Died in Germany.

Publications: Diss. Untersuchungen über die Geschichte des polyandrischen Eheformen in Südindien. 11+55 p. B. 1909 (Teil 1, Kap. 4; Teil 2, Kap. 1.).

– “Buddhistisches Völkerrecht”, Zeitschrift für Völkerrecht 1, 1907, 611-613.

– Sinological works.

Sources: Diss. in Janert; *H. Wallravens, H.M. (1885–1966) … Eine biographische Skizze. B. 1992; *H. Walravens (ed.), Herbert Muellers Forschungsreise nach China 1912-1913. Wb. 2017 (with photo); German Wikipedia briefly.

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