MURRAY, Alexander

MURRAY, Alexander. Dunkitterick, Kirkcudbrightshire 22.10.1775 — Edinburgh 15.4.1813. British (Scots) Philologist and Oriental Scholar. Of modest origin, he became a priest and from 1812 Professor of Oriental Languages at Edinburgh University. Worked much on Hebrew and Ge‘ez, commented on Halhed’s Gentoo Laws and was John Leyden’s friend. D.D. 1812 Edinburgh. Married 1808 Henrietta Affleck, one daughter, one son.

Publications: edited Bruce’s Ethiopian Journal and wrote his life.

Review of Maurice’s ‘History of Hindostan, Edinburgh Review 1805.

History of the European Languages, or Researches into the Affinities of the Teutonic, Greek, Celtic, Slavonic, and Indian Nations. 1-2. 1823.

Sources: *Life in his posthumous 1823 book; Th. W. Baine, D.N.B. 39, 1894, 346f.; *J. D. Haigh, Oxford D.N.B.; Wikipedia with drawing.

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