NAHUCRIŠVILI, Grigorij Lukič

NAHUCRIŠVILI, Grigorij Lukič. v s. Hašmi, Sagarejo district, Georgia 8.8.1922 — 27.5.1984. Georgian Indo-Iranian Scholar. Son of a farmer. In 1941-46 in army. Graduated 1949 from Tbilisi Oriental Faculty. Kand. filol. nauk 1954, Docent 1965. From 1952 taught at Tbilisi University, from 1976 with chair.

Publications: At least 20 publications,

Kand. diss. Bahuvrihi in Indo-Iranian languages. Manuscript of 152 p. Tbilisi 1953 (in Georgian).

– “Voprosy fonetiki v grammatike Panini”, Trudy Tbilisskil PIIJa 5, 1962, 211-219.

Translated into Georgian: Kalidasa, Šakuntala. 129 p. Tbilisi 1966.

Articles on Iranian.

Sources: Miliband 1977, 1995.

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