NASILOV, Vladimir Mihajlovič

NASILOV, Vladimir Mihajlovič. Zarajsk, Gub. Rjazan 15.(27.)5.1893 — Moscow 20.5.1970. Russian Central Asian Scholar, specialist of Uigur (ancient and modern). Son of a priest, educated in Zarajsk. Graduated 1917 from Lazarevskij Institut, Moscow. In 1928-30 naučnyj sotrudnik at Institute of Peoples of Soviet Union, in 1930-35 taught at Communist University of Oriental Workers, 1931-54 at Moscow Oriental Institute and 1954-58 at Moscow International Institute, in 1943-56 also taught at Philological Faculty of Moscow University and 1956-70 at chair of Turkic philology, Institute of Oriental Languages, Moscow University. Professor 1940.

Publications: At least 20 publications, e.g.

Much on modern Uigur (introduction, 1935; dictionary, 1939; grammar, 1940).

Jazyk orhono-enisejkih pamjatnikov. 87 p. M. 1960; Drevneuigurskij jazyk. 122 p. M. 1963.

Sources: *G.F. Blagova, NAA 1970:6, 223-227 with photo; Miliband 1977.

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