NORSA, Umberto

NORSA, Umberto. Mantova 16.12.1866 — Mantova 5.4.1943. Italian Polyglot Author and Translator. Born in a Jewish family, educated in Mantova, already then (1881) translated Catull’s poems. Law studies at Bologna, where he also attended the classes of Giosuè Carducci. Beside classical languages and German, learned now Spanish, Polish and English, then many other. In 1893-1938 secretary of Gabinetto di Lettura in Mantova, then dismissed by Fascitsts as a Jew. In 1901 began learning Sanskrit, in 1921 developed a special interest in Kālidāsa. Married 1899, two children.

Publications: translated: Amaru: La centuria. 50 p. I Classici dell’ Oriente 3. Città di Castello 1923; Meghadūta. Lanciano 1926; Śakuntalā. L. 1928; Vikramorvaśīya. L. 1928; Mālavikāgnimitra. L. 1929; Kumārasambhava, Canti 1-8. L. 1929; Ritusaṁhāra. L. 1930; Raghuvaṁśa. L. 1936.

Numerous translations from Latin (Catull), German (Heine), Polish (Mickiewicz), English (Shelley), Hungarian (Petőfi, Arany), Russian (Krylov), Greek (Aeschylus, Sophocles), and Hebrew (Psalms).

Sources: *Ugo Norsa, “Umberto Norsa (16 dicembre 1866 – 5 aprile 1943)”, Atti e Memorie [dell’] Accademia Virgiliana di Mantova N.S. 17, 1949, 6-24; Italian Wikipedia.

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