NOVIKOVA, Vera Aleksandrovna

NOVIKOV, Nikolaj Ivanovič. Tihvinskoje-Avdotjino near Bronnicy 8.5.(27.4.)1744 — ibid. 12.8.(31.7.)1818. Russian Literate, a leading representative of Enlightenment in Russia. Born in a noble family, educated in Moscow. In 1869 quitted public service and concentrated on writing and publishing in St.Petersburg and from 1779 in Moscow As liberal suspicious to government, in 1792-96 in prison.

Publications: Many articles on India, criticising British colonial policy, in the Pribavlenije k Moskovskim vedomostjam, edited by himself, in 1788 published the Russian version of Wilkins’ Bhagavadgītā by A. A. Petrov.

a number of books and magazines not related with India.

Sources: Bongard-Levin & Vigasin 1984, 38-40; Vigasin 2008, 36f.; Wikipedia with painting (much more in *Russian version).

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