NOVIKOV, Nikolaj Ivanovič

NOVIKOV, Nikolaj Ivanovič. Tihvinskoje-Avdotjino near Bronnicy (SE of Moscow) 8.5.(27.4.)1744 — ibid. 12.8.(31.7.)1818. Russian Literate, one of the leading representatives of Enlightenment in Russia. Born in a noble family, educated in Moscow. After military service worked in the committee for the renovation of legislature. When this was closed in 1769 he quitted public service and concentrated on writing and publishing in St.Petersburg and from 1779 in Moscow As a liberal, he seemed suspicious to government, in 1792-96 in prison. He criticized judicial system, privileges of nobility, villeinage and francomania.

Publications: Many articles on India, criticizing British colonial policy, in the Pribavlenije k Moskovskim vedomostjam, edited by himself, in 1788 published the Russian version of Wilkins’ Bhagavadgītā by —> A. A. Petrov (“Baguat-Geta, ili Beseli Krišny s Aržunom”).

A number of books and magazines not related with India.

Sources: Bongard-Levin & Vigasin 1984, 38-40; Vigasin 2008, 36f.; Wikipedia with painting (much more in *Russian version).

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