OERTEL, Hanns. Geithain, Sachsen 20.4.1868 — Munich 7.2.1952. German Indologist, for a while in the U.S.A. Professor in New Haven and Munich. Son of Colonel Philipp Julius Oe. (1821–86) and Evelyn Lassnitzer. Gymnasium in Plauen and Meissen. After father’s death in 1886 moved with the family to the U.S.A., studied classical philology and Indology (under Whitney) at Yale. Ph.D. 1890 Yale. In 1891-93 Instructor in German and 1893-96 in German and Comparative Philology at Yale, in 1896-1900 Assistant Professor and in 1901-17 Professor of Linguistics and Comparative Philology at Yale, 1911-16 also Dean of Graduate School. In 1903-04 Visiting Lecturer at Harvard. At the outbreak of war he was on furlough in Germany and not returning to the U.S.A. gave up his chair and lived in Munich. In 1920 moved to Basel and soon became PD at the university there. After a while in Munich he was Geldner’s successor at Marburg in 1922-25. From 1925 Professor of Indian and Iranian Philology (Geiger’s successor) at Munich. Emeritus in 1935, now concentrated on research, but continued teaching after the war in 1945-48. Married Paula Lohse (née Simons; 1872–1956), no children (four stepchildren).

Oertel was one of the last of Indologists of the old school. As Whitney’s student (and further influenced by Wackernagel and Delbrück) he was mainly interested in Vedic literature and Sanskrit grammar in relation to comparative IE. After early Vedic studies he concentrated on syntactic research which soon established his fame. His library and the extensive syntactic card index he had started at the age of 19 were destroyed during the WW II in 1944. Among his students at Munich were B. Ghosh, F. J. Meier and V. Trapp.

Publications: Diss. De cottidiani sermonis in Q. Horatii Flaccii sermonibus vestigiis. Manuscript 1890.

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