OGDEN, Charles Jones

OGDEN, Charles Jones. 10.12.1880 — 10.12.1955. U.S. Indologist. Ph.D. 1909 Columbia University, New York, in classical philology. Being wealthy he did not enter academic career (and never published much), although was active in American Oriental Society.

Publications: diss. De infinitivi finalis vel consecutivi constructione apud priscos poetas Graecos. 65 p. 1909.

– “Lexicographical and Grammatical Notes on the Svapnavāsavadatta of Bhāsa“, JAOS 35, 1915-17, 269-272; “Note on Kathāsaritsāgara“, JAOS 37, 1917, 328.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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