OLBERS, Ernst G. F.

OLBERS, Ernst Gustaf Ferdinand. Skara 8.11.1837 — Stockholm 25.10.1919. Swedish Priest interested in Sanskrit. Son of the District Judge Jan Olbers and Marianne Ahlberg, nephew of the Theologian Carl Olbers. After school in Skara and Gothenburg studies of philology at Lund from 1856. M.A. and Ph.D. 1862. Wrote the first dissertation at Lund dealing with Sanskrit, but apparently did not further pursue its study. He became teacher and in 1868-79 Principal of Högre Lärarinneseminariet (female teachers’ college) in Stockholm. After ordination in 1880 he served in several parishes in Stockholm and in 1892-02 as minister of Landskrona and in 1902-15 of Trelleborg and Maglarp. Married in 1865 his cousin Elamina Olbers (1842–1913), four sons and two daughters. As teacher he was much interested in pedagogics and entered a heated controversy in it.

Publications: Diss. Nionde och tionde sångerna af Nala och Damayanti, från Sanskrit öfversatte och kommenterade. 26 p. Lund 1862.

– Diss. theol. Den evangelisk-lutherska kyrkans lära om boten. 96 p. Uppsala 1870; pedagogic writings.

Sources: G. Herrlin, Lunds stifts herdaminne. 2:3. Lund 1951, 71–76; autobiography in Årsböcker i svensk undervisningshistoria 52, 1937, 53–82, bibliography ibid. 200; briefly Swedish Wikipedia.

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