OLESEN, Elof. 17.8.1877 — 23.9.1939. Danish Indologist. From 1895 studieed at Copenhagen classics and Sanskrit (Fausbøll). In 1903-25 Assistant of D. Andersen as coeditor of Sørensen’s Index, then at the C.P.D. in Copenhagen (only now started with Pāli).

Publications: edited with D. Andersen: Sørensen’s Mahābhārata Index. 1904–25.

– Participated in the C.P.D. Vol. 1, fasc. 8-10, Cph. 1936-39.

Sources: D. Andersen & H. Smith, C.P.D. 1, p. xxxi; R. Webb, Pāli Buddhist Review 2, 1977, 165f.

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