OMAN, John Campbell

OMAN, John Campbell. Calcutta 1841 — 31.5.1911. British Indologist and Scholar of Religion. Son of John O., a planter, and Maria Eweler. In 1866-77 in Indian Public Works Department. In 1877-97 Professor at Government College in Lahore, then retired. In 1898-99 Principal of Khalsa College in Amritsar. Married 1866 with Ellen Agnes Hodges, one son and one daughter.

Publications: Indian Life, religious and social. L. 1889 (mainly on the Pañjab).

The Great Indian Epics. 1894-98.

The Mystics, Ascetics, and Saints of India. A Study of Sadhuism, with an account of Yogis, Sanyasis, Bairagis, and other strange Hindu Sectarians. 306 p. L. 1903.

Brahmans, Theists, and Muslims of India. 342 p. L. 1907 (mainly on Bengal).

Cults, customs and superstitions of India. 336 p. L. 1908.

Sources: Who Was Who 1897–1915; not in Buckland.

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