ZIEGENBALG, Bartholomäus

ZIEGENBALG, Bartholomäus. Pulsnitz 14.6.1683 — Tranquebar, India 23.2.1719. German Missionary and Precursor of Indology (Tamil Scholar). In South India 1706-19. He knew well Tamil and had an exceptional interest (for an early missionary) in local religion and literature. The manuscripts he sent to Halle (AB in 1711 and GMG in 1713) were in fact not appreciated at all and remained unpublished, while Francke even blamed him for not devoting all his time to promoting Christian religion instead of “den heidnischen Unsinn in Europa zu verbreiten”.

Publications: Bibliotheca Malabarica. Small MS. written in 1708, see JRAS 1967.

Ausführliche Beschreibung des Malabarischen Heydenthums. Edited by W. Caland. V.K.N.A.W. Amsterdam 1926.

Genealogie der Malabarischen Götter. Edited by W. Germann. Madras 1867.

Grammatica Damulica. Halae Sax. 1716.

translated from Tamil: Malabarische Moralia. Edited by W. Caland. 19?? (one of them had been published as “Ulaga Nidi oder Weltliche Gerechtigkeit” in Dänische Bibliotec 1, 1738, 393-418).

Sources: Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 514f.; *E. Bayreuther, B. Z. – ein Lebensbild. 3rd ed. 1951; *A. Gaur, “Barth. Z.’s Verzeichniss der Malabarischen Bücher”, JRAS 1967, 63-95; *Zvelebil, Tamil Lit. HIL; briefly D.B.E. 10, 1999, 651.

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