BADEN POWELL, Baden Henry (Baden Henry Powell). 1841 — 2.1.1901. British Colonian Servant in India. Son of an Oxford Professor Rev. Baden Powell and Charlotte Pope, educated at St.Paul’s School. Served in I.C.S. in the Pañjab 1861-89, mainly in Indian Forest Dept. and for some years as a Judge of Chief Court of the Pañjab. He helped to establish the Lahore University. Retired to England. C.I.E. 1883. M.A. 1894 Oxford. Unmarried. He was an authority on Indian land tenures.

Publications: Handbook of the Economic Products, and of the Manufactures and Arts of the Punjab. 1–2. Roorkee 1868 & Lahore 1872; A Manual of jurisprudence for forest officers, being a treatise on the forest law. 553 p. Calcutta 1882; A Manual of the land revenue systems and land tenures of British India. 787 p. Calcutta 1882; Land Systems of British India. 1-3. Oxford 1892; A short account of the land revenue and its administration in British India. 260 p. Oxford 1894 ; and other works.

The Indian Village Community. 456 p. L. 1896; Origin and Growth of Village Communities in India. 155 p. L. 1899; “The Villages of Goa in early 16th century”, JRAS 1900, 261-291.

– “Notes on the Origin of the ‘Lunar’ and ‘Solar’ Aryan Tribes and on the ‘Rājput’ Clans”, JRAS 1899, 295-328.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; works in N.U.C.; Wikipedia.


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