VAMBÉRY, Arminiusz (Hermann)

VAMBÉRY, Arminiusz (Ármin, Hermann, orig. Hermann Wamberger). Szerdahely (ENS) or Szentgyörgy (now Swätý Jur in Slovakia) (Wiki) 19.3.1832 — Seebenstein, Austria (ENS) of Budapest (Wiki) 15.9.1913. Hungarian Traveller and Orientalist. Professor in Budapest. Born in a poor Jewish family and had Jewish education, but lated abandoned the religion. After school in Pozsony (Bratislava) he worked in Constantinople as tutor and secretary in Turkish families. In 1861-64 conducted an exploration financed by Hungarian Academy in Armenia, Persia, Bukhara and Samarkand, travelling in Muslim costume. From 1865 Professor of Oriental Languages at Budapest University.

As a scholar AV was more or less self-taught. He was one of the pioneers of Turkic and Altaic studies also interested in Fenno-Ugric linguistics and in Central Asian history and culture. He believed in a close relationship between Hungarian and Turkic.

Publications: Travels in Central Asia. 1864, Reise in Mittelasien. Lp. 1865.

Indiai tündérmesék. Pest, 1870 (translation?).

History of Bokhara. 1873 (from German original, 1872).

Die primitive Cultur des Turko-Tatarischen Volkes auf Grund sprachlichen Forschung erörtert. Lp. 1879; Das Türkenvolk in seinen ethnologischen und ethnographischen Beziehungen Beziehungen geschildert. Lp. 1885.

Translated (in Hungarian?): Travels and Adventures of the Turkish Admiral Sidi Ali Reis in India, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Persia During the Years 1553-1556. Budapest 1899.

Many further works.

Sources: E. N. Setälä, FUF Anz. 13, 1913, 49-51; Wikipedia with three portraits (more in *Hungarian version, both with further references).

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