VILLE, Frans de

VILLE, Frans de. 1??? — 19??. Belgian Schoolteacher interested in Indology. Perhaps the same FdeV whom mentions as born in Zandbergen 31.1.1877 and married with Maria Finantia Lafourt.

Publications: Transl. Çakuntalâ. 94 p. Coll. Lebégue 3:31. Bruxelles 1943; Une vieille légende hindoue, Nala et Damayantî, traduite du sanskrit. 75 p. Coll. Lebégue 66. Bruxelles 1945.

Tsiganes. Témoins des temps. 214 p. Coll. Lebégue 118. Bruxelles 1956.

Sources: Gipsy book only in Internet.

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