VORETZSCH, Ernst Arthur

VORETZSCH, Ernst Arthur. Lucka, Thüringen 13.8.1868 — Colmberg, Kr. Ansbach 18.5.1965. German Diplomat and Historian. Studied law at Göttingen and entered foreign service in 1899. Served as Vice-Consul in Calcutta, Christiania (Oslo) and Johannesburg, as Consul in Hongkong, Singapur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hankou und Christiania/Oslo. Then Ambassador in Lisbon 1920-28 and Tokyo, in 1933 retired (ousted by Nazis). Now lived in his manor Colmberg in Middle Franconia. He had collected Asian art and in 1937 founded a museum for it in Bamberg and directed it until 1959 (the collections are now in Frankfurt). After WW II also active in politics (CSU). Hon. Ph.D. 1958 Erlangen.

Publications: Altchinesische Bronzen. Berlin 1924 and other works on Chinese art.

– “Indische Sculpturen in Portugal”, AM 2, 1925, 312-322, 6 pl.

– Edited: Luís Fróis: Die Geschichte Japans (1549-1578). 17+11+535 p. Leipzig 1926.

With G. Schurhammer: Ceylon zur Zeit des Königs Bhuvaneka Bāhu und Franz Xavers 1539–1552. Quellen zur Geschichte der Portugiesen sowie Franziskaner- und Jesuitenmission auf Ceylon. Im Urtext hrsg. und erklärt. 1-2. 33+726 p. Lp. 1928; other works on early Asiatic travels.

Sources: German Wikipedia with further references.

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