VREESE, Koenrad de

VREESE, Koenrad Stanislaus Jan Marie de. Ghent 15.5.1906 — Baarn, prov. Utrecht 30.4.1992. Belgian Indologist in the Netherlands. Professor in Amsterdam. After gymnasium in Rotterdam 1919-22 studied classics at Leiden in 1924-30. Ph.D. 1936 Leiden (under Vogel). In 1930-48 schoolteacher in Delft, 1948-60 principal in Zaandam high school. In 1948-63 PD of Pāli at Leiden. From 1960 eo. (bijzonder), 1963 eo. (extraordinary) and 1969 ord. Professor of Modern Indian Languages at Amsterdam University. Retired in 1981.

Vreese started his career as a Sanskrit and Pāli scholar, but later worked mainly on NIA.

Publications: Nīlamata, or Teachings of Nīla, Sanskrit text with critical notes. 23+151 p. Leiden 1936 (Nīlamatapurāṇa).

Het Milindapañha. Inaug. rede, op. pāli lessons. 1948.

Translated: Nala. Episch verhaal uit het Mahâbhârata. 34+128 p. Ld. 1948.

– “The game of dice in ancient India (the vibhītaka game)”, Orientalia Neerlandica 1948, 349-362.

– “Apabhraṁśa Studies”, JAOS 74, 1954, 1-5, 152-146 & 79, 1955, 1-16 & 1981, 1961, 13-21; “A Dravidian turn in Apabhraṃśa”, JRAS 86, 35-42; “Did Middle Indian know an abl. sg. m. n. in -aṁ”, BSOAS 17, 1955, 369-371.

De beofening van de Nieuw-indische talen. Inaug. rede. Leiden 1960, also in English: The Study of the New Indian Languages. 27 p. 1960.

Meesters der Indische vertelkunst. Bijgebracht en vert. Meesters der Vertelkunst 16. 1967.

– “Munda Pronouns in New Indo-Aryan”, Fs. Kuiper 1968, 359-361; “A Dravidian Idiom in Sinhalese”, Fs. Gonda 1972, 232-238; “Dravidian idioms in later Pāli”, OLP 11, 1981, 179-222.

A few further articles and reviews.

Sources: Death noted in JRAS 1993; bibliography in Dutch Indology homepage with small photo.

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