VREESE, Koenrad Stanislaus Jan Marie de

VREESE, Koenrad Stanislaus Jan Marie de. Gent 15.5.1906 — Baarn 30.4.1992. Dutch Indologist. Professor in Amsterdam. After gymnasium in Rotterdam studied classics at Leiden. Ph.D. 1936 Leiden (under Vogel). In 1930-48 schoolteacher in Delft, 1948-60 principal in Zaandam high school. In 1948-63 PD of Pāli at Leiden. From 1960 eo. (bijzonder), 1963 eo. (extraordinary) and 1969 ord. Professor of Modern Indian Languages at Amsterdam University. Retired in 1981.

Started as Sanskrit and Pāli scholar, later worked on NIA.

Publications: Nīlamata, or Teachings of Nīla, Sanskrit text with critical notes. 23+151 p. Leiden 1936 (Nīlamatapurāṇa).

Het Milindapañha. Inaug. rede, op. pāli lessons. 1948.

translated: Nala. Episch verhaal uit het Mahâbhârata. 34+128 p. Ld. 1948.

– “The game of dice in ancient India (the vibhītaka game)”, Orientalia Neerlandica 1948, 349-362.

– “Apabhraṁśa Studies”, JAOS 74, 1954, 1-5, 152-146 & 79, 1955, 1-16 & 1981, 1961, 13-21; “A Dravidian turn in Apabhraṃśa”, JRAS 86, 35-42; “Did Middle Indian know an abl. sg. m. n. in -aṁ”, BSOAS 17, 1955, 369-371.

De beofening van de Nieuw-indische talen. Inaug. rede. 1960, also in E. The Study of the New Indian Languages. 27 p. 1960.

Meesters der Indische vertelkunst. Bijgebracht en vert. Meesters der Vertelkunst 16. 1967.

– “Munda Pronouns in New Indo-Aryan”, Fs. Kuiper 1968, 359-361; “Dravidian idioms in later Pāli”, OLP 11, 1981, 179-222.

A few further articles and reviews.

Sources: Death noted in JRAS 1993; bibliography in https://www.dutchstudies-satsea.nl/deelnemers/vreese-koenraad-stanislaus-jan-marie/ with photo.

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