PAGLIARO, Antonino

PAGLIARO, Antonino. Mistretta, Messina 1.1.1898 — ibid. 6.12.1973. Italian Classical and Iranian Scholar, Exegete, and Philosopher of Language. Professor in Rome. Studies at Palermo and Frorence, then further studies at Heidelberg (Bartholomae) and Vienna (Kretschmer). Professor of Iranian Linguistics, from 1927 also of History of Classical languages at Rome, in 1936 renamed as Professor of Glottology. In 1944-46 suspended as Fascist (he became party member as early as 1923), then reinstated. Retired in 1968. Mainly worked on Greek and Iranian linguistics. Among his students were V. Pisani and G. Bonfante.

Publications: “L’origine del presente in -t- nel mediopersiano dei libri”, Atti Accad. Torino 60, 1925; “Il testo pahlavico ‘Ayâtkâr-i-Zarêrân’”, RAL 1925:6:1, 550-604; “L’anticresi nel diritto sâsânidico”, RSO 15, 1935, 275-315; and many brief articles.

Epica e romanzo nel medioevo persiano. Firenze 1927.

Sommario di linguistica arioeuropea. 1. Rome 1930.

Persia antica e moderna. 97 p. Rome 1935.

much on Greek and linguistics, also on the Italian dialect of Sicily.

Sources: T. De Mauro, Lex. gramm. 1996, 686f.; Italian Wikipedia with photo and further references.

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