PALMBLAD, Vilhelm Fredrik

PALMBLAD, Vilhelm Fredrik. Skönberga, Östergötland 16.12.1788 — 2.9.1852. Swedish Historian interested in India. Professor in Uppsala. Son of a warden (kronofogd) Carl Fredrik P., in the age of 14 became disabled through a pelvic illness. From 1806 studies at Uppsala, M.A. there 1815. From 1822 PD of history at Uppsala, from 1827 Associate Professor (adjunkt) of History and from 1835 Professor of Greek ibid. In 1810-36 he owned together with his friends the press and publishing house Palmbladska Förlag. From 1844 member of Vetenskapsakademi. Married in 1828.

VFP was a neo-romantician known of his wide learning. Without knowing any Sanskrit he eagerly studied the books of Wilson and other pioneers of Indology and presented their contents to Swedish readers.

Publications: “Om Persernas fornhäfder”, Hermes 1821; “Om Hinduernas fornhäfder”, Svea 2, 1822; “Om Tibet”, Svea 4, 182?; “Om Hinduernas Dramatiska Poesi”, Svea 13, 1831, and other articles avout India in the Svea.

De Buddha et Wodan. 1-4. 1826.

wrote much on history, geography and classical philology, translated classics and European literature, wrote short stories and dramas.

Sources: Charpentier 1924, 57; auto-biography in Biographiskt Lexicon 11, 1843, 17-35; Swedish Wikipedia with portrait and further references.

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