BAILEY, Thomas Grahame

BAILEY, Thomas Grahame. Ambala 8.9.1872 — 5.4.1942. Rev. British (Scottish) Priest and Indologist, a Specialist of Urdu and North-west Indian Languages. Son of Wellesley Cosby B. and Alice Hargraves, sent to school in Edinburgh. M.A. and B.D., ordained. In 1895–1920 missionary of the Church of Scotland in Wazirabad in the Pañjab, 1906 in England, then in Gujranwala. D.Litt. 1920 Edinburgh. Reader in Hindustani at S.O.A.S., retired 1940. Married with Agnes B. Sloan.

The two volumes of Languages of the Northern Himalaya and Linguistic Studies from the Himalayas contain a great number of grammatical outlines of little known north-western and Himalayan languages. The Grammar of the Shina Language is still appreciated as the basic work on Shina, and its appendices describe several related languages. He was the first to notice the tonal system in Pañjabi and Shina. Also an Esperantist.

Publications: Panjabi Grammar. A brief Grammar of Panjabi as spoken in the Wazirabad district. 60 p. Lahore 1904; A Panjabi Phonetic Reader. 19+39 p. L. 1914; An English-Punjabi Vocabulary of 5800 Words. 159 p. Calcutta 1919.

With T. Cummings: Pañjabi Manual and Grammar: a Guide to the colloquial Pañjabi. 419 p. 1912.

Languages of the Northern Himalaya. 345 p. L. 1908; Linguistic Studies from the Himalayas. 277 p. L. 1915; Studies in North Indian Languages. Collected articles from JRAS and BSOAS. 280 p. L. 1938.

Kanauri Vocabulary in two parts: English–Kanauri, and Kanauri–English. 98 p. L. 1911; The Pronunciation of Kashmiri. 70 p. L. 1937.

Grammar of the Shina Language. 285 p. L. 1924.

A History of Urdu Literature. 12+119 p. Heritage of India Series. Calcutta 1932; Teach Yourself Hindustani. 314 p. L. 1950 (later editions with the name Urdu).

Articles and reviews in BSOAS.

Sources: Works in N.U.C.; scanty life data in; parents in

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