PASPATIS, Alexandros

PASPATIS, Alexandros. Chios 1812 — Athens 1891. Greek Scholar interested in Gipsies. Lost his father at Chios massacre, was brought to the U.S.A. by a businessman when 8. Educated at “Collège dAmhust” (i.e. Amherts), then studies of medicine at Padova, Paris and London. In 1840-82 practising physician at Christin Orthodox hospital in Constantinople, where he also started his studies on Turkish gipsies and learned several languages like Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Syriac, and Turkish. In the dictionary of his native Chios he published a great number of folksongs, proverbs, etc. Later moved to Athens.

Publications: a monograph on Turkish gipsies, probably in Greek, publ. in the 1880s or 1890s.

works on Byzantine history; Τὸ Χιακὸν γλωσσάριον. 18??.

Sources: Pavolini, Actes du XVIe Congrès int. des Or., Session d’Athènes 1912, 96f. (with a photo);

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