PEARSON, Joseph. 1881 — 1971. British Zoologist and Marine Biologists also interested in History, in Sri Lanka. D.Sc. Liverpool. In 1910-33 Director of Colombo Museum. Then Director of Tasmanian Museum in 1934-52.

Publications: Sinhalese banners and standards. 42 p. 36 pl. Memoirs of the Colombo Museum A2. Colombo 1916.

– “Note on an ivory panel in the Colombo Museum”, JRAS-CB 29:75, 1922, 2-5; “Notes on the forts of the Jaffna islands”, JRAS-CB 29:76, 1923, 186-193; “European chairs in Ceylon in the seven-teenth and eighteenth centuries”, JRAS-CB 31:81, 1928, 77-101; “The Throne of the Kings of Kandy”, JRAS-CB 31:82, 1929, 380-383.

Editor of Memoirs of the Colombo Museum and Spolia Zeylanica.

Biological writings.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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