PEIPER, Carl Rudolph Samuel.

PEIPER, Carl Rudolph Samuel. Striegau 20.1.1790 — 23.5.1879. German Priest interested in Sanskrit. Studied theology and Oriental Philology (Arabic). Ph.D. 1823. Soon after studies he got the vicarage of Hirschberg in Thüringen and worked there for fifty years. He was married and his son was the classical philologist Rudolf P. (1834–98). Himself, he seems to have devoted his free time to classical, Oriental and modern languages, but of his interest in Sanskrit came out only one translation.

Publications: diss. De Moallakah Lebidi. 1823.

Lebidi Amiritae Kasidem Moallakam … cum scholiis ed., versioneqe Latina et imitatione Germanica instruxit. 1828; Haririus Latinus. 1832, ed. altera em. et aucta 1836; Extracts from Hariri in German, 1831 & 1832.

Bhagavad-Gita, das hohe Lied der Indus, aus der Sanskrit-Sprache metrisch und möglichst treu in’s Deutsche übersetzt und mit Anm. versehen. 16+112 p. 1834.

Commentationis de libro Persico Mihr o Muschteri seu de Mihri et Muschteri (Solis et Jovis) mysticis amoribus. Pars. 1. Diss. inaug. 1835.

Die Stimmen aus dem Morgenlande. 1850.

also wrote on classical philology.

Sources: briefly in connection with his son in A.D.B. 53; works in Zenker, Bibliographie.

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