PERSSON, Per. Väst Vingåker 31.12.1857 — Uppsala 27.6.1929. Swedish Classical and IE Linguist. Professor in Uppsala. Studies at Uppsala, Ph.D. and Docent of Classics in 1886 there. From 1895 Professor of Latin Language and Literature at Uppsala (deputy already from 1889). Though professionally a scholar of Latin, he was one of the foremost IE scholars of his time in Sweden.

Publications: Studien zur Lehre von der Wurzelerweiterung und Wurzelvariation. U.U.Å. 1891.

Beiträge zur indogermanischen Wortforschung. 1-2. Uppsala & Lp. 1912.

much on Latin language and literature.

Sources: G. Holm, Lex. gramm. 1996, 715; Swedish Wikipedia.

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