PETERSEN, Walter. 1881? — 3.10.1939 (when 58). U.S. IE and Classical Scholar. Professor in Gainesville and Chicago. Ph.D. Yale. From 19?? Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages (teaching Latin and Greek) at University of Florida, from 1930 Associate Professor of Comparative Philology at University of Chicago.

Publications: “Vedic, Sanskrit, and Prakrit”, JAOS 32, 1912, 414-428; “The inflection of Indo-European personal pronouns”, Language 6, 1930, 164ff.; “Hittite ḫ and Saussure’s Doctrine of the Long Vowels”, JAOS 59, 1939, 175-199; and other articles, also on Latin and Greek.

with C. D. Buck: A Reverse Index of Greek Nouns and Adjectives. Chicago 1945.

Sources: Brief note in JAOS 60, 1940, 439; stray notes in Internet.


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