PETROVSKIJ, Nikolaj Fedorovič

PETROVSKIJ, Nikolaj Fëdorovič. 30.11.(12.12.)1837 — Taškent 19.11.(2.12.)1908. Russian Diplomat and Central Asian Scholar. After an early military career he joined in 1861 Finance Department and in 1870 Foreign Department. He was Russian Consul in Kashgar in 1882-1904 (from 1895 General Consul) and an eager antiquarian, who donated his big collection of Central Asian manuscripts to St.Petersburg. His last years he lived in retirement in Tashkent. Married Sofija Alekseevna Sahnovskaja.

Publications: Apparently nothing.

Sources: Kononov, Biobibl. slovar’ ot. tjurkologov. M. 1974, 236f., with further references; *S.F. Ol’denburg, ZVORAO 20, 1910 (1912), 1-8, with photo; Wikipedia with photo (more in *Russian version).

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