POŘÍZKA, Vincenz

POŘÍZKA, Vincenz. Drahany (Morava) 9.11.1905 — Prague 22.8.1982. Czech Indologist (Scholar of Hindi/Urdu). Professor in Prague. Born in Central Moravian mountain area, he studied theology at Olomouc. Theol.Dr. From 1938 studies of Indology at Prague (under Pertold and Lesný). From 1942 taught Hindustani at Oriental Institute, from 1943 also Bengali, continued after the war. In 1945 he became member of the revolutionary committee of Oriental Institute and worked eagerly to reform teaching there. Ph.D. 1951/52 Prague under Pertold. From 1951 first Professor of Hindi at Prague University. In 1960-67 also guided the doctorands of Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. Retired in 1967.

With VP’s new chair Hindi was accepted as a subject of higher studies at Prague and much of his time was spent in preparing teaching material. His major scholarly work dealt with verbal aspects in Hindi, in his later years he also prepared a dictionary, where this minute and industrious scholar attempted to describe the meanings and uses of words with much more details than his predecessors. Also interested in Bengali.

Publications: diss. The Bhagavadgita and the New Testament. Prague 1951/52.

articles on the Bhagavadgītā in Acta Acad. Velehradensis 1937 & 1938, ArO 1940.

Učebné archy hindské. 1946-49 (grammar & reader); Krátká mluvnice spisovné hindštiny. 1952 (grammar); Hindština / Hindi Language Course. 1. 1963, 2nd ed. 1972.

articles on Hindi grammar in ArO 18:4, 1950 & 1952 etc., in Acta Univ. Carol. 1960 & 1970; also “Deictic Demonstratives in Indo-Aryan”, ArO 31, 1963, 198-215; “On the Perfective Verbal Aspect in Hindi”, ArO 35-37, 1967-69, c. 110 p. & 45, 1977, 65-78.

Revised, completed and edited O. Friš’s Sanskritska čítanka. 1-2. 1956.

Sources: Jan Marek, ArO 43, 1975, 353-358 with bibliography; ArO 52, 1984, 78f.

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