POTTINGER, Henry. County Down 3.10.1788 — Malta 18.3.1855. Sir (Bart). British Colonial Officer in India. Born in a Berkshire family settled in Ireland. “Son of Eldred Curwen P., educated at Belfast; went to sea and to India [1804] to join the marine service, but entered the Army in Bombay in 1806; was sent on a Mission to Sind in 1808, and in 1810 went in disguise through Sind to Kelat, Nushki, Shiraz, Ispahan, returning viâ Bagdad and Bussora to Bombay; served at Poona and Cutch; Lt-Colonel 1829; again sent on a Mission to Sind 1831, and Political Agent there 1836-40; made Baronet on April 27, 1840, for services in the first Afghan war; became Major-General. In 1841 he was sent to China as Envoy, and made the Nanking treaty of peace, 1841; was made G.C.B.; Governor of Hongkong 1843-44, Privy Councillor 1844; Governor of the Cape of Good Hope 1846-47; and Governor of Madras 1848-54” (Buckland). Retired and settled in Malta. Married, two sons.

Publications: Travels in Beluchistan and Sind. L. 1816, 2nd ed. 1826, French tr. 1818.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; *W. Broadfoot, Oxford D.N.B. 2004; Wikipedia with two portraits.


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