TERRY, Edward

TERRY, Edward. Kent 1590 — 8.10.1660. Rev. British Traveller in India. After school in Rochester studied from 1608 at Oxford, Christ Church: B.A. 1611, M.A. 1614. In 1616 Sir Thomas Roe asked for a new chaplain after the death of John Hall and Terry took the offer. In 1617 he was sent to Jahangir’s camp in Mandoa, then with the court in the area of Ahmedabad. In 1619 returned with Roe to England, settled down at Christ Church again and wrote his journal, which he presented in 1622 to Prince Charles. From 1629 until his death Rector of Great Greenford in Middlesex, where he was very popular. Married, a son followed him as a priest. He wrote an interesting description of the Mughal court, but in fact told only little what is not in Roe. He was describing what he saw as lawless tyranny and wanted to educate his readers in religion.

Publications: A Voyage to East India. 1655 (short version 1622), new ed 1777; abridgement publ. in Purchas’ Pilgrimes 2, 1625, 1464f., and appended to the English tr. of P. Della Valle’s Travels. 1665; also in W. Foster, Earlt Travels in India. O.U.P. 1921.

Character of King Charles. 1660; two printed sermons. 1646 & 1649.

Sources: D.N.B.; Oaten 1909, 165-167; Wikipedia with portrait.

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