TOL’STOV, Sergej Pavlovič

TOL’STOV, Sergej Pavlovič. St.Petersburg 12.(25.)1.1907 — Moscow 28.12.1976. Russian Archaeologist and Central Asian (Turkmenian) Scholar. Son of an officer, Pavel Sergeevič T. and Maria Ivanovna Badaeva. Graduated 1930 from Moscow University, in history. Dr. ist. nauk & Professor 1943. In 1926-29 naučnyj sotrudnik in Moscow Museum and 1929-36 in Museum of the peoples of SSSR, in 1934-42 also in IIMK. In 1939-51 taught at Moscow Uni­ver­sity, in 1942-65 Director of Ethnographic Institute and 1950-51 Director of Oriental Institute. In 1941-42 in army. In 1945-70 Head of Khorezm Archaeological and Ethnographical Expedition. From 1953 Corresponding Member of Russian Academy, from 1956 full member of Uzbek Academy. Married Tatjana Aleksandrovna Trofimova, at least one daughter.

Publications: At least 100 items, e.g.

Dr.diss. Drevnij Horezm. Taškent 1942; Drevnij Horezm. 352 p. M. 1947, Hungarian tr. 1947.

Po sledam drevnexorezmijskoj civilizacii. 328 p. M.–Lg. 1948, Hungarian 1948 & Czech tr. 1951.

“Les résultats des travaux de l’expédition archéologique et ethnographique de l’académie des sciences de l’U.R.S.S. au Khorezm en 1951-1955”, Arts as. 4, 1957, 82-112, 187-198.

Po drevnim del’tam Oksa i Jaksarta. 324 p. Moscow 1962.

With B. I. Vajn’berg: Koj-krylgan-kala. Pamjatnik kul’turi drevnogo Khorezma IV. v. do n. é. Moscow 1967.

Sources: Miliband, Biobibliogr. slovar’ sovetskih vostokovedov; Wikipedia with photo.

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