TORP, Alf. Stryn 27.9.1853 — Christiania (Oslo) 26.9.1916. Norwegian Linguist and IE Scholar. Professor in Christiania (Oslo). Son of a captain of infantry. Educated in Bergen (matriculation 1877), then studies at Christiania (Bugge). From 1878 studied at Leipzig Sanskrit, Greek and IE under Curtius and Windisch. Ph.D. 1881 Leipzig. Back in Norway schoolteacher of Latin and Greek. 1882 Adjunktstipendiat i Sanskrit och Sammenlignende Sprogvidenskab. A new chair for the University of Christiania was proposed in 1892 and founded in 1894. In 1894-1914 Professor eo. for Sanskrit och Sammenlignende Sprogvidenskab at Christiania.

AT started his career in IE linguist influenced by the Neo-Grammarians of Leipzig. Later he was much interested in epigraphical remainder languages such as Phrygian, Lycian, Etruscan, Venetic and Messapic, but also in Germanistics and Old Norse. A Neo-Latin poet.

Publications: diss. Die Flexion des Pāli in ihrem Verhältnis zum Sanskrit. 93 p. Christiania 1881.

Beiträge zur Lehre von dem geschlechtslosen Pronomen in den idg. Sprachen. 1888; Vokal- og Konsonantstammer. 1889; Den græske Nominal-Flexion. 1890.

wrote much on linguistics, participated in a large dictionary of Old Norse and in an etymological dictionary of Danish and Norwegian.

Sources: Chr. Stang, Norsk Biogr. Lexikon 16, 1969, 547-552; *J. Sverdup, Idg. Jb. 6, 1918, 120-126; *F. Thordarson, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 927f.; Wikipedia (photo in Norwegian version).

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