TÓTH, Edith

TÓTH, Edith. 1932 — India 13.7.1965 (when 33). Hungarian Indologist and Art Historian. Studied at Budapest Tibetan (Ligeti), Indology (Harmatta & Gaál) and Museology (Horváth). Worked in Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern-Asian Art, first under Baktay, then his successor at the Keeper of Indian collection. Died on a visit to India.

Publications: “Recent Tibetan acquisitions of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern-Asian Art”, Yearbook of the Museum of Decorative Art 3-4, 1959, 341-353; “The iconography of the portraits of the Pañcarakṣā-Manuscript”, ibid. 6, 1963, 199-212; “Water-pots with Gutarah inscriptions”, ibid. 6, 1963, 231-246; “Terracottas from the Gupta period”, ibid. 7, 1964, 211-224 & 8, 1965, ??-??.

Nepál művészete. 42 p. 1963 (The art of Nepal).

With I. Szerdahelyi: a condensed Hungarian rendering of the main story of the Mahabharata. 477 p. Budapest 1965.

On Indian bronze lamps in Abh. u. Ber. des Staatsmuseum für Völkerkunde, Dresden 1966; German transl. of E. Baktay’s Die Kunst Indiens. 494 p. 444 ill. Budapest & Berlin 1963; reviews.

Sources: G. Bethlenfalvy, AOHu 19, 1966, 359; Bethlenfalvy 1980, 51f. and photo (no. 18).

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