TRUBETZKOY, Prince Nikolai Sergeyevich

TRUBETZKOY, Prince Nikolai Sergeyevich (Russian Knjaz Nikolaj Sergeevič Trubeckoj). Moscow 4(16).4.1890 — Vienna 25.6.1938. Russian Phonetician, Slavic and IE Lin­guist. Son of a Professor of philosophy and Rector of Moscow University. Started early (1905) writing studies on Fenno-Ugric ethnology. In 1908-12 studied comparative linguistics, etc. at Moscow (under Porzezinski). Ph.D. (Kand.?) 1913. Further studies of Sanskrit and comparative linguistics at Leipzig under Leskien and Brugman. From 1915 Docent of comparative linguistics at Moscow University, in 1918-20 Professor of Slavic at Rostov-on-Don. In 1920-22 Professor of Comparative linguistics at Sofia, from 1922 Professor of Slavic, from 1923 also Head of Department (succeeding Jagić) at Vienna. Member of Austrian Academy 1930. Sharply cricicized Nazis. He was famous of his phonological theory and an early proponent of areal linguistics.

Publications: wrote much on Slavic, also on Fenno-Ugrian and Caucasian languages.

Sources: R. Lewicki, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 934-936; Wikipedia with photo.

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