TUTTLE, Edwin H.

TUTTLE, Edwin Hotchkiss. New Haven, Conn. 23.9.1879 — Washington DC 24/25.1.1939. U.S. Phonetician and Dravidian Scholar. Son of Lucius Bement T. and Emma Louise Hotchkiss. Studies at Yale, graduated 1901. Further studies in Paris. Language teacher at Mackenzie School in Dobbs Ferry, New York and at Boys’ Latin School in Baltimore, Maryland. Suicide. Unmarried. He was keenly looking for distant connections (Finnic, Nubian).

Publications: “Derivatives of Sanskrit eka”, AJPh 43, 1922, 170; “Sanskrit ṣṭhīv-”, JAOS 46, 1926, 60.

Numerous short articles and notes on Deavidian in AJPh 38-49, 1917-28, JAOS 46-59, 1926-39.

Dravidian Developments. 40 p. Ling. Soc. of America Language Monographs 5. 1930; Finnic and Dravidian. New Haven n.d.

Studies on English phonetics.

Sources: http://drs.library.yale.edu/HLTransformer/HLTransServlet?stylename=yul.ead2002.xhtml.xsl&pid=mssa:ms.1215&clear-stylesheet-cache=yes (from Yale Obituary Record 1940, 114).

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