TYPALDOS, Georgios Kozakis

TYPALDOS, Georgios Kozakis (Γεώργιος Kοζάκης Τυπάλδος, also as G. Typ.-Koz.). Lixouri, Cephalonia 1790 — Athens 6.6.1867. Greek Physician and Philologist. Born in a noble family of Cephalonia, ultimately of German-Italian origin (Typaldos < Theobald). The first Librarian of the University of Athens (founded in 1836), retired in 1863. Editor of the seven volumes of —> D. Galanos’ posthumous works (1845-53). For his merits in this publication work he was conferred a Prussian order (Rote Adlerorden 3. Klasse) in 1846.

Publications: Edited Galanos’ translations (listed under Galanos), wrote on Greek history.

Sources: Burgi-Kyriazi, Démétrios Galanos. P. 1984, 112-117; *R. Argyropoulou, “Ο Γ.Κ.Τ. ανάμεσα στον Διαφωτισμό και τον Ρομαντισμό”, Actes du Ve colloque ionien 4, Argostoli, 1991, p. 413-422; stray notes in Internet.

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