RABE, Carl

RABE, Carl. Breslau 1814 — 18??. German Student of Indology. Son of a farmer, educated in Breslau. Ph.D. Breslau 1845 (under Stenzler). Could he be the unnamed German student, who, according to Whitney, c. 1852 wrote a thesis on Kālidāsa’s plays and moved then to England, where Goldstücker deemed his work worthless and recommended him to concentrate for two or three years exclusively on Pāṇini. Only then he would be able to say something. The man left Indology and died a few years after.

Publications: De Calidasae Sacuntala. 32 p. Vratislaviae 1845.

Sources: Diss. in Janert; vita in diss.; Whitney in AJPh 14, 1893, 196f.

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