RAMOS DE ANDRÉS, Justo. 1904 — 1965. Spanish Linguist. Ph.D. Taught Sanskrit in Madrid from 1934 and still in the late 1950s.

Publications: Spanish translations of Kālidāsa: Rtusamhara, o, Curso de las estaciones. 109 p. Madrid 1964 (an earlier ed. without date, 1942); Raghúvamça. 272 p. Madrid 1999; Kumarasambhava. 71 p. Madrid 1999.

Sources: No publications mentioned either in the N.U.C., in British Library Catal., or in the Spanish Book Catal.; Google gives them, but with few details and no personal information  (the book list in https://archivero.es at least has the life years); *BAEO 2, 1966, 6-8.

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