REMY, Arthur Frank Joseph

REMY, Arthur F. J. Elberfeld near Wuppertal 26.6.1871 — 24.10.1954. U.S. (of German Origin) Germanic Scholar interested in Indo-Iranian. Professor in New York. Born in a Roman Catholic family in the Ruhr area, started school in Koesfeld. Father emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1880 and the family followed in 1882 to New York, where Remy continued at school and university. A.B. 1890 College of the City of New York. A.M. 1897 and Ph.D. 1901 Columbia University, New York. In 1891-94 Instructor in Greek and Latin at College of the City of N.Y., in 1896-99 scholar and fellow at Columbia University. He taught all his life at Columbia: 1900-07 Instructor in Germanic Languages, 1907-14 Assistant Professor, 1914-29 Associate Professor and 1929-41 Villard Professor of Germanic Philology. Retired in 1941. Married 1916, no children.

Publications: “Sanskrit jana, Avestan zana”, JAOS 20:1, 1899, 70.

The Influence of India and Persia on the Poetry of Germany. 11+82 p. Columbia Univ. Germanic Studies 1:4. N.Y. 1901, transl. into Urdu 1973.

– “Zoroaster and his World”, Fordham University Quarterly 23, 1948, 509-513.

Other works not related to Indo-Iranian; contributions to Catholic Encyclopedia.

Sources: Nat. Cyclop. of Am. Biogr. 44, 335f.; photo in Wikidata; portrait (1901) in

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