RICE, Benjamin H.

RICE, Benjamin Holt. 28.5.1814 — Bangalore ?.2.1887. Rev. British Missionary in South India, a Kannada Scholar. Son of wool merchant Simon Peter Rice. Worked in the family business, but soon became interested in religion. Married and came to India with his wife, Jane Peach Singer (d. 1864), in 1836 and worked as a missionary of London Missionary Society in Bangalore until his death. Father of —> Benjamin L., —> Edward P. and —> Henry Rice. The Rice Memorial Church in Bangalore is named after him in 1917. Beside Kannaḍa he knew Tamil.

Publications: Wrote textbooks in Kannada on arithmetics, geography and history, also wrote on the Bible and translated hymns, etc.

Sources: Stray notes mostly in connexion of his son and of the memorial church, among which only https://www.gun.ovh/War/en/Rice_Memorial_Church%2C_Bangalore contains some details of his life (death in 1877 must be error for 1887, because he is also said to have worked full 50 years in Bangalore); *Life by his son (—> Edward Rice).

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