ROBERTSON, George Scott

ROBERTSON, George Scott. London 22.10.1852 — 2.1.1916. Sir. British Physician in India. Served and travelled in the North-West. “Son of Thomas J. R., educated at Westminster Hospital. Entered the Indian medical service, 1878, served in Afghan campaign, 1879-80. Employed under the Indian Foreign Office from June, 1888. British Agent at Gilgit, travelled in Kafiristan, 1890-1. Chief Political Officer of the Hunza-Nagar expedition, 1891-2, Political Mission to Chitral, 1893. Besieged and severely wounded at Chitral, 1895. Administrator of Chitral, 1895. C.S.I. 1892, K.C.S.I. 1895.” Retired in 1899, returned and entered politics. M.P. for Central Bradford from 1906 to death.

Publications: The Kafirs of the Hindu Kush. 658 p. L. 1896.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary.

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