ROE, Thomas

ROE, Thomas. Low Leyton near Wanstead in Essex 1580/81 — Bath 6.11.1644. Sir. British Diplomat in India. Son of Sir Robert Rowe and Elinor Jermy. After early studies at Oxford he became esquire of the body to Queen Elizabeth I and was knighted by James I in 1604. In 1610 on a mission in South America. Already an experienced diplomat in 1615, when he was sent to Surat and Ajer to negotiate with Jahangir. Remained three years in Mughal court and succeeded in negotiating the trade agreement, although other aims remained unfulfilled. Returned in 1619 to England. Later he served as Ambassador in Constantinople and Sweden. Also a M.P. Married with Eleanor Beeston, no children.

Publications: Ed. by W. Foster: Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the Court of the Great Mogul, 1615-1619, as narrated in his journal and correspondence. Hakluyt Society 1899 (with introduction).

Works on Osman empire and Sweden.

Sources: *M. J. Brown, Itinerant Ambassador: the Life of Sir Thomas Roe. Lexington 1970; Oaten 1909, 147-154; *M. Stratchan, Sir Thomas Roe 1581–1644. A Life. Salisbury 1989; Wikipedia with portrait and other pictures.

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