ROSE, Horace Arthur

ROSE, Horace Arthur. East Grinstead 25.11.1867 — Saint Brélade, Jersey 18.9.1933. British Colonial Servant in India. Son of a merchant. Educated at St.Paul’s School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. In 1888-1917 in I.C.S. In 1901 Census Superintendent for Pañjāb, in 1901-06 Superintendent of Ethnography for Pañjāb, in 1906-17 District and Session Judge in the Pañjāb. In retirement lived in Jersey, Channel Islands. Married, 3 daughters.

Publications: Gazetteer of the Chamba State, 1904. 9+295+12+72 p. Punjab States Gazetteers 22A. 1904.

Customs in the Trans-Border Territories of the North-West Frontier Province. 1905.

with M. M. Shafi, A compendium of the Punjab Customary Law. Lahore 1907.

edited, partly from material by D. Ibbetson and E. D. MacLagan: A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Province. 1-3. 923+573+536 p. S.l. 1909-18.

articles on Pañjāb filkore in IA.

Sources: Who Was Who 1929-1940; Wikipedia.

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