RYLANDS, Cyril Alexander

RYLANDS, Cyril Alexander. 18?? — 197?. British Indologist. In the early 1920s studied at Cambridge (B.A. & M.A.). From the 1930s Lecturer in Sanskrit at S.O.A.S. in London, retired 1961 as Senior lecturer. In 1976 living in Lewes, Sussex. Many thanks were given to him for teaching and help, but this is almost all information found about him.

Publications: Revised ed. of P. W. Jacob’s Hindu Tales. 1928 (with new introduction).

– Index to the 1928 reprint of Trenckner’s edition of the Milindapañha. L. 1928 (On the title page the name is wrongly given as “C. J. Rylands”, but E. D. Ross in his accompanying note in the beginning gives the correct initials).

– “The Plant Karṇikāra in Kālidāsa Works”, IC 15, 1948-49, 50-52; reviews in BSOAS.

Sources: Member list of R.A.S. 1976 (member from 1947), no longer in 1985; stray notes in Internet.

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