RYLANDS, Cyril Alexander

RYLANDS, Cyril Alexander. 18?? — 19??. British Indologist. In the early 1920s studied at Cambridge. In the 1930s/1950s Lecturer in Sanskrit at S.O.A.S. in London. In 1976 living in Lewes, Sussex. Many thank him for teaching and help, but this is almost all found.

Publications: Revised ed. of P. W. Jacob’s Hindu Tales. 1928 (with new introduction).

– “The Plant Karṇikāra in Kālidāsa Works”, IC 15, 1948-49, 50-52.

Reviews in BSOAS.

Sources: Member list of R.A.S. 1976 (member from 1947), no longer in 1985; stray notes in Internet.

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