BARIĆ, Henrik

BARIĆ, Henrik. Dubrovnik 28.1.1888 — Beograd 3.4.1959. Yugoslavian (Croatian?) Linguist. Studies at Graz and Vienna. Ph.D. 1912 Vienna. From 1920 PD, then Professor of Comparative Grammar of IE Languages at Royal Yugoslavian University in Belgrad in the 1930s and till 1954, when he moved to Sarajevo University as Professor of General and Comparative Linguistics and Director of Bosnia-Hercegovina Institute of Balkanology. He was specialised in Slavic and Albanian languages, founder of Thracian hypothesis of the origin of Albanian, and also interested in IE phonetics.

Publications: Beiträge zur slavischen Sprachgeschichte. 80 p. Vienna 1918 (his dissertation?).

Indoevropski palatali. 72 p. Beograd 1927; Lingvističke studije. 134 p. Sarajevo & Beograd 1954

Several books in Serbo-Croatian on Slavic, Illyrian, Greek, and Albanian linguistics.

Sources: J. Mindak, Lex. gramm. 1996, 67; Enciklopedija Jugoslavije 1, Zagreb 1980; works (18) in Katalog Kn’iga na jezicima Jugoslovenskih naroda 1868–1972. 1. Beograd 1975; *Polish and *Croatian Wikipedia.

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