WATSON, John Whaley

WATSON, John Whaley. 1838 — 1889. British Colonial Officer in India, interested in Archaeology and History. Served in Bombay Staff Corps. In the end of the 1870s President of Rājasthānik Court in Kathiawar, in 1881-89 political agent of Kathiawar Agency, as Colonel. Married Elizabeth Charlotta Watts, eight children. Watson Museum in Rajkot is named after him. Papers and correspondence in British Library.

Publications: Archaeological and epigraphical notes in IA in the 1870s; nine specimens of Gujarātī bardic poetry edited and translated in, IA 2-7, 1873-78.

Statistical Account of Porbandar: Being the Porbandar Contribution to the Káthiáwár Portion of the Bombay Gazetteer. 42 p. Bombay 1879, and other similar reports.

History Of Gujarat: Musalman Period, A.D. 1297-1760. 154 p. Bombay 1886.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, full name and years in http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/795c3b0c-fb5d-4b1d-a1a8-1490bdf62909.

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