WAYLAND, Edward James

WAYLAND, Edward James. London 23.1.1888 — Ramsgate, Kent 11.7.1966. British Geologist and Civil Servant in Ceylon. Son of Edward W. and Emily Street, educated at the City of London College, the Royal College of Science, and the Royal School of Mines. Conducted geological fieldwork in Egypt and Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique). From 1912 Assistant Mineralogical Surveyor for Ceylon, in 1916-19 in war service in France. Then long time Government Geologist in Uganda (also here with a side interest in archaeology, especially early prehistory). In 1939-45 again in war service, but now also doing geological work in Bechuanaland (Botswana). Married.

Publications: “Stones of the Nawaratna: Their mythical significance and superstitious lore”, JRAS-CB 24:68-2, 1918, 135-162, 1 pl.

Wrote on geology, much on Africa.

Sources: http://www.s2a3.org.za/bio/Biograph_final.php?serial=250.

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