WEIDERT, Alfons K.

WEIDERT, Alfons Klaus. 21.3.1943 — Bangkok 24.7.1988. German Tibeto-Burman Linguist. Ph.D. 1971 Heidelberg. PD 1982 Kiel. In 1981-84 Chief-Supervisor of the German-Nepalese Linguistic Survey of Nepal field-project. Collected material through field study among more than 40 Tibeto-Burman languages. But he was hard on his informants and lost his research position in Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in 1984. Died under “suspicious circumstances” (Matisoff).

Publications: Diss. I Tkong Amwi. Deskriptive Analysis eines Wardialektes des Khasi. 244 p. Neuind. Studien 4. Wb. 1975.

Componental analysis of Lushai phonology. 153 p. Current issues in linguistic science 2. Amsterdam 1975; Tai-Khamti phonology and vocabulary. 7+92 p. Beitr. zur Südasien­forschung 27. Wb. 1977.

– Tonologie: Ergebnisse, Analysen, Vermutungen. 10+337 p. Tübingen 1981.

– Hab.diss. Diachronische Tonologie ein theoretischer Entwurf zur Genese von Tonsprachen. 187 p. Kiel 1982.
– With D. B. Ingwaba Subba: Concise Limbu Grammar and dictionary: concise Limbu grammar, nominal paradigms and verbal paradigms, concise Limbu-English dictionary, English-Limbu vocabulary. 14+409 p. Amsterdam 1985.
Tibeto-Burman Tonology. A Comparative Analysis. 18+512 p. Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 54. Amsterdam 1987.

– Articles.

Sources: J.A. Matisoff, review of the 1987 book in JAOS 114, 1994, 254-258; worldcat.org.

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