WEISGERBER, Johann Leo. Metz 25.2.1899 — Bonn 8.8.1985. German (of Lorraine) Linguist and Celtologist. Participated in WW I. Ph.D. 1923 Bonn (in Celtology under Thurneysen). PD 1925 Bonn. Professor of General Linguistics at Rostock (1927), Marburg (1938) and Bonn (1942-67). As a catholic he had conflict with Nazis in the 1930s, but during the war collaboratedworking in propaganda in France. Also his writings in 1933-45 reveal racist ideas. He was not a member of BSDAP.

As a linguist he left traditional diachronic viewpoint and presented synchronic approash.In the after-war times his “energetische Sprachwissenschaft” was very influential in Germany, but for the modern linguistics of the 60s he was critical. For Indology his work is hardlt important.

Publications: Sprache als gesellschaftliche Erkenntnisform. Ms. 1925, publ. 2008; much on Linguistics and German.

– “Die Stellung der Sprache im Aufbau der Gesamtkultur”, W & S 15, 1933, 134-224 & 16, 1934, 97-236.

Sources: *H. Gipper, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 1004f.; Wikipedia (also German version, with further references).

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