WENGER, John. near Bern 31.8.1811 — Calcutta 20.8.1880. Rev. Swiss Missionary in India. Dr. From 1839 worked in Calcutta for Baptist Mission. Married.

Publications: Translated parts of the Bible (both OT & NT) into Sanskrit, some (e.g. Job) directly from Hebrew into Sanskrit metre, and, with Yates, tr. the whole into Bengali; also tr. many hymns and tracts into Sanskrit and Bengali.

Edited Yates’ Sanskrit Dictionary (1847) and Introduction to the Bengali Language (1850).

Bengali Grammar. Calcutta 1874, rev. 6th ed. by G. H. Rouse. 7+194 p. Calcutta 1920.

Sources: JRAS Proc. 1881, xf.; Buckland, Dictionary; *E. B. Underhill, The Life of the Rev. John Wenger, D.D.: Missionary in India, and Translator of the Scriptures Into Bengali and Sanscrit. 279 p. Calcutta 1886.

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