WESTMACOTT, Edward Vesey. Chastleton, Oxfordshire 1839 — 1911. BritishCivil Servant in India. Son of Rev. Horatio W. and Penelope Spencer Ruscombe. B.A. Oxford. Served in Bengal. Married 1874 Annie Mary Charlotte Richards, divorce 1898, children.

Publications: Letter on the Identification of ancient towns in Bengal, ProcASB 1874, 57f.; “Note on the Site of Fort Ekdálah, District Dínájpúr”, JASB 43:1, 1874, 244f.; “On Traces of Buddhism in Dinájpur and Bagurá (Bogra)”, JASB 44:1, 1875, 187-192.

– “A Copperplate containing a grant of land by Lakshman Sen of Bengal, found near Torpon-dighí in the District of Dínájpur, 1874”, JASB 44:1, 1875, 1-15, 2 pl.; Letter on a Kutila Inscription from Monghyr, ProcASB 1883, 45f.

– Articles in CR.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet; parents in geni.com.

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